Short Fiction & Online Work

Los Angeles Review of Books
No Survivors: Women, Violence, and the Brutal Love of Eileen Chang
The Molotov Cocktail
But That Thy Blood Was Shed For Me *2nd place, Flash Monster Contest
The Organist
Identity Theory
Fat People Fat Camp *storySouth MWA Notable Story of 2010
Thought Catalog
5 Of The Worst Possible Things That Could Ever Happen To You
7 Of The Most Terrifying & Depressing Christmas Songs Ever
The Different Types Of Doomed Crushes There Are
How To Not Say No To Drinking
Student Loan Repayment Is For Chumps
Getting Fit Without Ruining Your Life
An Excerpt from “My Guide to Dads”
Times I Felt Creepy
I Hate Your Sleepovers, And Especially Your Mom
Times I Felt Superior To Other People
The Guardian
When will China have a clear plan for tackling smog?
322 Review
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
My Overeating Grandma
Everyday Weirdness
And the Nights Are Not Full Enough
Ghost Ocean Magazine
Just the End of the World and Me
Girls with Insurance
The Girl Who Sleeps with Dead Bodies
Breakfast Stories
I was a Teenage Felon, Etc. *Orange Alert Press Watch List
E-Letter to the President from a Former President RE: Space Olympics
There’s No God in America
Don’t Tell Me Good Morning
(Short) Fiction Collective
And all this is folly to the world


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